Getting Started

Getting Started

First and foremost, congratulations! You just took your first leap off of life’s high dive to become a better you. In order to fully understand what it is that we do, it’s imperative that you watch the orientation video.

Below the video is a link to our new client paperwork. Feel free to download and print it or save it to your desktop, fill it out and email it to us at

Have a question?  Call or text us at 636-527-3015. It’s time for you to Get Weller! 

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and tools with the greater community, through events, webinars and workshops. The more we implement the Getting Weller lifestyle, concepts and practices, the weller the world will be. Please enjoy our recommendations below.

“You have some nerve!”
“Everything that you have probably heard regarding Chiropractic being an alternative to medicine, isn’t true. The two professions are very distinct and each have their own place in healthcare.

We must warn you however, your doctor has never told you what you are about to learn regarding the philosophy, lifestyle and benefits regarding the care at Getting Weller.”
~Dr. Eddie Weller.



We are super excited for the opportunity to help you gain a new lease on life. Click the “Download Now” button, fill out the forms, save the file onto your desktop, and email it to us at
Or, go old school, save it, print it, fill it out and bring it to the office.