How Nerves Effect Our Thoughts


There are millions upon millions of functions that we have no control over.   Think about it this way; when the sperm and the egg united, a single cell was formed. Every part of our being (our DNA) was within that ONE CELL and that cell did something incredible… it split into two.  From that moment, they continued to divide and in just 3 weeks, your heart began to beat.  The cells continued to multiply and duplicate themselves in 9 short months. We are composed of 37,000,000,000,000 (37 trillion!) cells – All without you, your parents or doctors having anything to do with it.  You are a miracle and your life is made possible through the functioning of the nerve system.

Our main goal at Getting Weller is to ensure that the junction between your brain and spinal cord is functioning optimally.  This vital area is protected by the most freely moveable vertebrae called the “Atlas” or cervical vertebrae #1.  This strict discipline Chiropractic we offer is called “upper cervical care” as it is unique and tailor-made for each individual.  We work with the central nervous system (CNS) because it possesses  “that something” within us that was created to keep us alive. Yet we cannot see, feel or touch it.   Both your thoughts and your body will perform at their highest levels when your nerve system is functioning optimally.

“I’m beginning to understand how can Upper Cervical Chiropractic affects the body but how in the world does it affect my thoughts?

As you could probably imagine the brain and spinal cord form incredibly complex network.  This divine network of nerves is electrically charged and transmits information to every system in our body.  This vital neurological (nerve with logic) system monitors and coordinates both internal organ function and responds to changes in our external environment.

If you think about it, your body doesn’t care what you think, but rather it simply reacts to how you think.  This is why we at Getting Weller believe that a constructive / positive thought process is  imperative to performing at your best.  When we “get out of our own way” and focus on what is right with us, the things that are “wrong” will eventually disappear.

Here is where it gets a bit complicated…

Believe it or not, the very thing that we have no control over (our nerve system) is same part of the body that creates and stores our thoughts.  Our short term thought process (remembering a phone number, shooting a basketball, etc.) is stored in an area in the brain called the pre-frontal lobe.  Our long term thinking is stored deeper in the brain called the hippocampus. The hippocampus takes memories from different sensory regions of the brain and connects them into a single “episode” of memory.  This occurs via the nerve system.

Memories of traumatic events are difficult to overcome because there is a part of the brain that translates unpleasant experiences into long-lasting memories.

When we are experiencing a trauma or pain (physical or psychological) such as having a dog bite your leg, being touched inappropriately as a child or watching your parents fight, the neurons in the brain fire electrical impulses in unison and make strong connections to one another. It is these strong connections that make strong stored memories. In other words, the more painful the memory, the harder it will be to overcome. This causes us to live in fear, depression, anxiety or just feeling overwhelmed when something triggers that memory or experience. This also causes a chemical imbalance in the brain opening the door to psychological issues as well.

There is a part of the brain called the amygdala that stores both positive and negative emotions.  This particular part of the brain retains “emotional memories.”  The stronger the emotional response, the stronger the neurological connection to that issue.

“OK, so what does this have to do with me?”

Let’s face it, we are human and all of us at one time or another have faced a painful experience or situation.  So why is it so difficult to “shake” that thought.  Odds are your nerve system is compromised and your daily actions are based on staying away from your yesterday’s experiences. Your emotional issues will forever be on the “back burner” of our mind until two things occur…

  1. The Nerve System is restored to normal functioning
  2. You are have a Thought coach give you the proper tools to overcome and control the triggers that create the emotions

When the nerve system is compromised “subluxated” (due to the atlas vertebrae being out of place), it distorts normal brain to body and body to brain signals.  This spinal issue will cause the painful “yesterday” emotions (old memories in the hippocampus) and our current daily issues (new memories in the pre-frontal lobe) to “loop” over and over in our thoughts.  This will cause us to think that we are not good enough, “satan has a hold on me”, or triggering any type of psychological / emotional issues.

End living with fear!

At that very instant the spine is corrected, the nerve system then has an opportunity to reset the “motherboard.”  This balancing of the nerve system along with tools we offer with our “Thought Coaching.” will offer you the best opportunity to overcome your “yesterday” as you will begin to reprogram the brain. The area that stores these emotions (the Amygdala) will begin to be filled with thoughts of possibility, positivity and purpose.  We call it Getting Weller as you will now have a new lease on life.

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