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Dr. David (Red) Powers
Dr. Eddie Weller
Dr. Marcie McKenna

Dr. David “Red” Powers

I’m a Memphis Tennessee native with cherished memories of visiting my grandparents’ farm in southeast Missouri. I met my wife, Mechelle in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota while I was fighting forest fires for the USDA Forest Service. Together, we have three amazing children, Sarah, Chance and Isaac. We have spent the last 20 years raising our kids, loving family and taking care of clients in South Dakota.

I have always loved to help those in need and rarely miss an opportunity to give someone a hug to add a smile to their day. It strikes a chord in me when I see or hear of someone suffering with a life of dis-ease. I believe that God gave me a purpose to help my fellow man through Upper cervical chiropractic adjustments.

I became interested in chiropractic after seeing how it helped my wife deal with migraines. I realized that I wanted to serve others through Chiropractic. I first experienced Upper Cervical chiropractic care after the birth of our first child, Sarah in 1998. After seeing how that type of adjustment helped me and my wife, I knew that I wanted to share the message of restoring nerve function rather than the message of managing pain. I was taken with the logic that God had given the body an innate ability to heal. I have a deep love of baseball and have enjoyed over 20 years of coaching young boys and men as they pursue their passion for the game. Being a mentor to youth through our church or local YMCA activities has given me a chance to share my love of the game while encouraging our youth to realize their God given abilities, and strengths.

I firmly believe that God is in control and has called me to share the ability he gave me to help restore proper nerve function so people can live life to its fullest. I simply get to help your body heal by moving the atlas bone which allows your body’s innate intelligence to do the rest to restore proper nerve function so you can reach your God given potential.

I am truly blessed to be a part of the Getting Weller Team where we place God in the center of caring for you. It is an honor to work with this team and to give you our best.

Dr. Marcie McKenna

Hello! My name is Dr. Marcie McKenna. I was born and raised in Dysart, Iowa, on the family farm. I am very grateful for my family and Midwest roots because they showed me how important it is to work hard and serve those in your community.

I have been under chiropractic care from a very young age, however my introduction to upper cervical care wasn’t until 2012. After that first adjustment, my life was changed. I was hungry to learn more about how I could use Upper Cervical Chiropractic to help other people find relief for their health concerns. My amazing journey to serve others with Chiropractic began when I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport in 2017, and returned to the Dysart area to serve the community there.

My heart and desire to serve is what drives me to share this beautiful thing called Upper Cervical Chiropractic with all those I meet. It is also the reason I have moved to St. Louis and joined the Getting Weller team. I know the truth of Chiropractic is to restore nerve system function and give the body it’s best chance to adapt optimally and fully express life. So many people live life on a dimmer switch, and my every day goal is to help as many people as possible experience what it feels like to be connected to their source, which I call God.

My why is to provide people with experience at expressing optimal health in the way I have experienced through specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

I imagine how wonderful our world would be if everyone was checked by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and expressed life at their optimal health potential. We are passionate about sharing the knowledge of restoring nerve function with all those we serve.

I feel so honored and blessed to serve this community and beyond. Outside of Getting Weller Headquarters, I have enjoyed being involved with Kid’s Chance. I have been very grateful I have been mentored by Dr. Eddie Weller over the last five years. Through God’s love and light, I have been able to experience many blessings throughout my journey as I found my calling in life. I look forward to sharing my heart and passion for UC with you, your family, and friends at Getting Weller. I look forward to hearing your testimonial as well! See you in the office soon!

Meet Sue at the front desk: “Hi! I welcome you to Getting Weller as the person you talk to when you call and first person you talk to when you visit our office. I help new clients, schedule appointments and so much more. I look forward to assisting you!

PS: I have been under care with Dr. Weller for years and I am now able to live a fuller life. My health has improved because of the specialized care he offers. I now live a proactive lifestyle and add healthy choices in all areas in my life.”